How To Fix A CE4+ Reusable Clearomizer

Reusable CE4 Clearomizers (CE4+) have been with us now for some months now and there appearance on the ecigarette market offered clearomizer users the benefit of being able to save money by simply replacing certain parts of the clearomizer when it starter to reduce its vape performance.

The clearomizer is now the main atomizer for lots of vapers because it offers high flavour consistency, powerful vape and is simple to use. Traditionally when a clearomizer died the whole unit had to be disposed of and a new one bought, but not so with the latest addition of the reusable CE4+ Clearomizer.

Common Problems With The CE4+
After spending some month’s intermittently using one of the reusable clearomizers  certain problems have come to light, not just for me but lots of users of the CE4+. Some of the main issues are:

1. The biggest problem is it simply stops working, this can happen in a few days or weeks after purchase.

2. The glass case starts to come loose and detach itself from the end fitting causing e liquid to empty out inside your pocket.

How To Fix Your Reusable Clearomizer
When your reusable clearomizer stops working very quickly there is a very easy fix to get it functioning again. Usually when the CE4+ stops working its because of two reasons:

a. e Liquid has gotten into the bottom fitting of the inner atomizer tube and stopped the connection with the battery.

b. The inner atomizer tube has dislodged itself with the fitting breaking the power connection.

Solution A
Take apart the reusable clearomizer and clean the bottom of the atomizer tube round the connection area with a dry tissue to soak up any e liquid, then clean the inside of the end fitting the atomizer tube sits in. Clean the battery connection and the underneath of the end atomizer fitting. Once you have done this put it back together and make sure the atomizer inner tube is sitting correctly in the end fitting. Perform a dry burn before putting the glass casing back on.

Solution B
The inner atomizer tube can sometimes come loose from its cradle in the end fitting causing the clearomizer electronic cigarette not to work. If your CE4+ has stopped working then this could be the reason, so empty out your e liquid ( give a general clean while you have it all apart), then place the atomizer tube in the end fitting (while connected to the battery) and perform a dry burn (see video below). If it does not fire, try tweaking its position and try again. Another easier alternative is to try unscrewing the clearomizer ever so slightly from the battery using half turns and pressing the battery button as sometimes over-tightening can break the connection.

Watch a video about dry burning a CE4+ Clearomizer…

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